Friday, November 27, 2009

Going Martha For Nugget's Birthday

A last minute travel requirement had us going to NYC/LA/NYC and back all before the nugget's 2nd birthday. We flew back Friday night and were having people over that Sunday at 2pm to celebrate her 2nd birthday.

I'll sidebar here, as any mother must, to mention the obvious that I only started to grasp the minute she was born...time flies! It's a happy and sad thing for me. I'm in awe every day when I look at her and see how much she has grown. I think back to when she could only manage to roll her little body around the carpet and needed her tiny bowling ball head held up by the palm of my hand. Now she toddles around talking and pushing her very own baby in a stroller that she takes care of. *sigh*

I should stop now as this could quickly turn into a sappy, mommy drool post about how there are days I wish I could stop time and just keep her at this age. And trust me, the more of this fine wine I sip while writing this, the more I fear that will happen...SO - on to her birthday!

All along, I had this brilliant idea that I would do an owl themed birthday. So Saturday morning I woke up and set out to make the:

a) owl cupcakes
b) owl lootbags
c) owl confetti
d) owl decor
e) owl tags

...yes, I was so having an over compensating crazy Martha mommy moment because I felt bad I had only 1 day to plan a fab birthday. Needless to say, my great husband pitched in and helped me pull it all together. I even managed to make birthday themed shooters (for the adults) cause what doesn't scream kiddie party then some shooters welcoming you at the door?!

I've posted some pics from the party as I think it turned out pretty well! What do you think?

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