Saturday, December 5, 2009

Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to all that provided feedback on my "Go Healthy" tutorial - I'm so glad that it sparked some interest in a few of you! We did the draw for the winner at midnight last night and the winner is...

*drumroll pls*

All of you! You can thank my little girl who has put my in a very festive mood with all her excitement lately around Santa, snow and reindeer. A mom can't resist! So instead of just one winner, a FREE pair of Abbey Lane's Holiday Candy Swirl Hair Clips will go to all my commentators on the Go Healthy post. Congratulations everyone!!

Please send me an email through my store or DM on twitter @abbeylane to provide me with your full name and shipping details.

Happy Holidays!

Abbey Lane Baby Boutique


Amy said...

Thats so cool!

LiPeony said...

those are sooo cute! Congrats! So generous! =D

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