Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's those little things...

Do you ever stop for a moment and look back when you were single and think about what you thought 'romance' should be all about? I did yesterday - I really did. I liked what I thought romance should be all about. I liked that no man ever achieved my ideal romantic notions - it kept the hunt interesting. ;)

What's funny though, is after just a few years of marriage and a baby, the idea of romance vastly changes. For example, my little one and I have been sick with a cold lately. We've been cooped up in sick mode and over the weekend my husband suggested we go for a car ride to get some fresh air. Now indulge me because this part requires a bit of explanation. In order to start said car, you only need the little transmitter to be ON you and not IN the ignition. So many times, he leaves the house ahead of me, packs that baby in and starts the car. When I come out with the diaper bag, I then have to (everytimeeee) go to the car, get the house keys that are attached on the 'transmitter', take it back to the house, lock up, and get back in the car. Yes, I know, no big deal, but my brain says to myself every time "really hubbie? you know i need the keys, but you're just gonna sit there".

----Okay so back to romance. ---

So this weekend, my poor sickly body shuffles around to gather the diaper bag items and as I open the door and get ready to go to the car to grab the keys...HE IS ON THE STEPS READY TO LOCK UP! My draw dropped and I literally shed a tear - just one. That my friend, was romance.

Me: Awww, really? You never do that!
Hubbie: I know..but my sweetie is all sick
Me: sniff, you are the best
Hubbie: *smooch* let's go get a coffee!

Ya, my perception of romance has changed but I would never go back. This tiny little insignificant thing (that, let's be honest, if I heard myself 10 years ago I would think was lame) was the best moment of that Saturday.

heh. romance. go figure!


Kelly Boss said...

i was never a real "romance" kind girl..but everyonce in a while the hubby scores some points! ;) hehe. which brings me to my next point.... detachable key ring!! you attach each key to its own ring that can easily be separated from the rest! (comes in great for that exact reason,and one that i get worse at each yr. when you return home 1 min. later for something you forgot! ;)

Melanie said...

Awww...I so get that. I was a single mum for so long it seemed romance = the toilet seat in the down position.

Not to simplify your experience. That really was sweet of your honey to get that.

Silly Little Sheep said...

I am very romantic even now,vbut I think that if you love someone,you will make those little nice things for each other.Some men just wont understand that!It doesnt mean you need to go to an expensive dinner every day and be drowning in the boxes of chocolates and roses,but have these cute little things every day.Then that is what keeps you together,I think.

Jen said...

It really is the little things :)

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