Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Treasury Time!

There really is a wealth of talent out there and I'm constantly amazed and how many times I come across beautiful products for children that I had never seen before - and all hand made. I have decided that many of my gifts this year will be handmade - mostly because I have found some really unique items that I think my family will love AND because I have found so pretty adorable things for the kids that I couldn't find anywhere else!

Through my adventures of opening up an online boutique, I have stumbled across a great many of talented artists that span across categories of children, jewelry, art, pottery, crochet, etc. I was lucky enough last night to grab a "treasury" so I thought this time around, I would throw out my tribute to the children's artists I have come across. If you have the chance, click the link below to check out my

New Treasury

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