Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Down the Road with Abbey Lane

Abbey Lane has been an interesting venture for me. My baby girl was around 6 months old with only the tiniest wisps of hair. As every mom knows, you usually go through a period of time where people always politely ask - "is it a boy or a girl". Due to the sheer lack of hair, I was getting it quite often! Once she had enough hair, my sister kept pressing me to buy a hair clip. It seemed all that surrounded me were pink bows, lots of curly ribbon or just plain jane boring ones. Being a fabric obsessed person, I knew there was more out in terms of style and ideas and that they just hadn't been made. I came up with a few clips and they started getting noticed at the play groups I would go to. With the local support coming in, someone had suggested I bring them to a wider audience and that is how Abbey Lane began.

From there, my little girl and I have explored many different fabrics, styles and ideas together and she sits and plays with her toys while I play with my materials and fabric. Abbey Lane has extended it's brand from hair accessories to blankets, sleep sacks, pinafores, and baby shower gift ideas and with great feedback.

I now face an interesting I have had to face and strategize against when I was working as an online marketing manager. How do you reach a certain targeted demo via online mediums. From a professional stand point, I have many tricks up my sleeve but that is for a company with big brands and big budgets. I would have to get far more tactical and grassroots. So what is the point of this blog? I won't bore you with my next big idea, the awesome fabrics I found, or what my little girl did today. This blog is my own journey into leveraging a vast medium with a targeted demographic and small budget. Ideas, insights, what works and what doesn't. It will also serve to keep you updated on what the Abbey Lane brand is doing and what is coming up.


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