Friday, October 3, 2008

Projects On-The-Go

It's the end of the week and once again, it has flown by.  I find it a struggle to balance doing new projects, playing with the baby, and making sure everything is kosher on the clean home front. I mean, I could relax on the home stuff but I tested that out for a few days and 2 adults + 1 baby can get a house pretty dirty pretty fast.

Anyways, point being is that I did manage to get in time to try out some things.  I have found the most awesome fabrics and I have become fully obsessed. So, I have been trying some new things out and when I have achieved perfection, I will start making them for the public.  

I was also pondering the idea of a monthly giveaway. I could start with my own products and then expand to other etsy artists who have complimentary baby products. There are just so many talented people out there that make such wonderful handmade things, that I would love to expose this work to a larger mainstream audience. I know that if I had known about all the hand crafted items out there when my baby was first born, I would have gone nuts! Heck, if we had the right Etsy vendors, we could create a great gift pack for the baby shower or new mom. I'm still toying with the idea so if you have any feedback, let me know!

In the interim - here are a few pics of my most recent creations!

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